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“I have been coming to Parisa's office for the past 10 years or so. My whole family also goes to her.

Let's just say dental work and cleanings are truly at the bottom of my "fun things" list. BUT since going to Parisa's office I don't even think about it until the second I am in the chair. I look forward to going into the office because they have all become good friends. Ceci and Frances have both been a part of the team for over 10 years and are so friendly. They all know me, we catch up on how things are going and recently I got my new husband to start seeing Parisa and so they got to meet the man they had been hearing about for a few years.

I feel relaxed, I can trust them, they are super honest and upfront and I know that I am in the best hands. I also like the space, it is simple but comfortable and welcoming. They are also unusually punctual for the industry, I usually sit down and get all ready to read a magazine and there they are - Ceci is ready with the x-ray equipment, zip-zip, zoom-zoom over to Parisa for cleaning.

They take a scenario which I would normally dread and turn into a mostly enjoyable experience.

They are also very much into preventative actions so as to avoid major dental work in the future.”

Amy H.

“Dr Ezzati has been my dentist for about 5 years now. She and her staff, Frances, and Ceci, treat me like a rock star every time I walk through the door. Dr is communicative, explaining every step of the way what she is doing, why, what caused it, and what to expect afterward. They are there for their patients in emergencies, and routine/preventative care. Recently, I had an emergency root canal procedure done by Dr E, on a Friday afternoon. She herself called me at home on Saturday morning to make sure I was OK. How many dentists do that? If you LOVE your dentist, great. If not, try mine!”

M. Logan

“Parisa is the BEST DENTIST EVER!!!! My uncle has been with her for years, I just started going to her a couple years ago, and now my entire family goes here. Not only is she gentle and charming. The whole staff here is amazing. You know when you go out for cocktails with your friends and you can spend an entire evening just chatting away. That is exactly what an appointment with Parisa is like. She is not just my dentist, but one of my confidants. If you have any need for a dentist she is the one. And she is incredibly reasonable too!”

K. Krasnoff

"I found Dr. Ezzati about 2 years ago after desperately seeking a kind and gentle dentist while in terrible pain. She helped me out and has been my regular dentist since. I highly recommend her as well as her staff Frances and Ceci who are wonderful. You will feel welcome the moment you walk in the door and your appt time is honored. I've never waited, unless I arrive early for my appointment. HIGHLY recommend Parisa Ezzati as your dentist”

Terri R.

”I was referred to Dr. Ezzati by a friend about 2 years ago. She and her staff are among the most talented and compassionate professionals out there. I'm a little jealous, though, after reading the rest of these reviews--I thought I was the ONLY patient they treated like gold! (LOL!) To give you the perfect example: last Friday afternoon I was flossing at home when the floss shredded and broke off in between my teeth (my teeth are extremely close together). Both Dr. Ezzati and her assistant Ceci were gone for the weekend, and her receptionist Frances answered the phone. She told me to come on in and she'd see what she could do for me (she apparently went through some basic training), although she couldn't promise anything. Well, she got that baby right outta there in about 3 seconds. Now I don't know if you've ever had a piece of dental floss trapped between your teeth, but it is not comfortable. In addition, most people are not at their most attractive when a four-inch string is bobbing in and out of their mouth every single time they speak or eat. My weekend would have been miserable had it not been for Frances. And that is the attitude and work ethic of all three of these women.

Dr. Ezzati also knows that, when it comes to pain, I am (on my good days) a five-year-old. She is always compassionate and gentle and never gets unnerved when I get a little hyper. Any pain is minimal. (However, they won't give you a balloon once you hit 50.)

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ezzati and her staff without reservation”

David F.

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